EPL Gameweek 33 Preview: Man Utd vs Chelsea and More

This Easter weekend is just around the corner and crucial games are being played. Manchester United have the opportunity to make Chelsea drop points at Old Trafford on Sunday which could help Spurs catch up. Everton have a golden opportunity to inch themselves closer to Europa League qualification, Crystal Palace have a chance to prove their place in the top division, and much more all happening this round.

Tottenham Hotspur vs Bournemouth

This match will be crucial for Spurs to win if they want to catch up to Chelsea. If Manchester United can get points at Old Trafford against Chelsea, Tottenham could inch closer to top spot. The North London side are unbeaten at White Hart Lane in the Premier League this season and should be able to finish off Bournemouth in similar fashion to how they did against Watford last week.

Crystal Palace vs Leicester City

In probably one of the most interesting match between two teams in the bottom half of the table, both teams will try to prove their worth. Leicester lost in the Champions League midweek and Palace are home so they are slight favourites. Both sides are in form and have been gaining position during the last few weeks.

Everton vs Burnley

It will be a tough match for Burnley who are the only team without an away win all season while Everton have won 11 of their 16 home matches this season. Everton need to win this match if they want to keep Europa League qualification as a possibility.

Stoke City vs Hull City

Stoke City are going to need to turn their form around as soon as possible if they are going to get anywhere on the EPL table and a match like this is a perfect opportunity to finally get a win. Hull City are in danger of falling into the relegation zone and are just two points ahead of 18th placed Swansea City.

Sunderland vs West Ham

Sunderland have almost no chance anymore of staying in the top divison for next season. They are ten points deep into the relegation zone with just seven matches to go and should focus on just getting as many results as possible before the end of the season. West Ham only have six matches left but are eight points safe of relegation.

Watford vs Swansea City

After being promoted to the top flight this season, Watford have ended up quite comfortably. They sit 10th with almost no fear of relegation. Meanwhile, Swansea are two points deep in the relegation zone and honestly don’t look like they’re going anywhere except down this season. They’ve lost their last two matches including chucking away a 1-0 lead to Tottenham in added time.

Southampton vs Man City

Southampton are 9th and just four points behind West Brom. They have no relegation worries but no chance of European competitions next year. Meanwhile, Manchester City are working to finish in a top three spot so that they will automatically qualify for Champions League next season instead of having to qualify like they had to at the start of this season. Overall I think Man City need the points more.

West Bromwich Albion vs Liverpool

Many think that this game would be easy for Liverpool as they are third, but West Brom are 8th on the table and at home. Liverpool has also struggled against teams outside of the top 6. They should be able to win a match like this and I would like to see them do so, but it won’t be easy.

Manchester United vs Chelsea

We have named Manchester United vs Chelsea as the EFN Match of the Week. Man United will look to change their average form at Old Trafford recently but will find it difficult against league-leaders Chelsea. If United get any points from this match, they will be greatly helping Spurs, who desperately need Chelsea to drop points if they are to have any title hope.

Middlesbrough vs Arsenal

Arsenal need to win this match if they are to have any chance whatsoever of Champions League. They have dropped points on many occasions in recent times including a 3-0 loss to Crystal Palace. Middlesbrough haven’t won any of their last ten matches and it is unlikely that this will change with this fixture. They are six points deep into the relegation zone and will find it extremely difficult to find their way out.

Written by David Ward


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