Why Real Madrid Will Win Both La Liga and Champions League

Sorry Barca fans, but this is Real Madrid’s year. Keep reading to see why I predict that Real Madrid will win both the La Liga and the Champions League.

First of all, the La Liga is coming to an end relatively soon and Real Madrid are getting their heads in front. Assuming that Atletico Madrid don’t catch up by ten points and Sevilla don’t catch up by eleven pointsin the next seven rounds, Real Madrid and Barcelona are the only title contenders.

Real are three points ahead of their arch rivals with a game in hand, meaning there could soon be a six point gap. Also, out of the La Liga rounds remaining, Real Madrid have two games against top six sides, while Barcelona have three. These games could decide who finishes on top so the less of them you have left, the better.

Another very big deciding factor is the El Classico coming up next week on Sunday night. The two main title contenders head-to-head. Is this a chance for Barcelona to catch up on Madrid? Definitely. But Barca are away and this could make it difficult for them to gain points.

Now onto Champions League, and Real Madrid are quite close to the semi finals already. They managed to win their first leg against Bayern Munich away 2-1, meaning that they have a home second leg and two away goals. Bayern are one of the best teams in the world and will make it hard for Madrid all the way until the final whistle, but losing your home leg against Real is always going to land you in a lot of trouble.

Looking forward a week, lets say that the Madrid side have kept their lead and made it to the semi finals. Lets look at who they’re up against.

Juventus or Barcelona

Obviously many people would enjoy a triple El Classico, one in La Liga and two for both of the UCL legs, but the chance of this are now tiny after Juventus defeated the Spanish giants 3-0. If Barcelona can’t pull off what they did in the round of 16, they won’t get through. Juventus will still be a very difficult opponent though.

Dortmund or Monaco

Many people thought Dortmund would get through to the semi finals after they were drawn to be up against Monaco in the quarter finals but now it isn’t looking too likely. They lost their home leg 3-2 due to the team being in shock after the bus explosions yesterday so they will need to bounce back during their away leg. If Monaco get through, Real Madrid shouldn’t be too challenged.

Atletico Madrid or Leicester City

Lets not go into too much detail about this quarter final tie. Atletico are the only side that would have any chance against Spanish giants Real Madrid. Leicester have had some impressive form but are still developing, and are still mid-table in the EPL.

Overall, Juventus and Monaco are the only sides that are now favourites to get through to the semi finals that will pose a threat to Real. In my opinion, I think that Madrid are huge favourites in this situation in both La Liga and Champions League.

Written by David Ward


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