Why Dortmund vs Monaco Should Have Been Postponed Further

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Dortmund vs Monaco was supposed to be played alongside Juventus vs Barcelona on Tuesday night. Then, three explosions hit the Dortmund team bus, calling off the game and injuring Marc Bartra. The match was then postponed to Wednesday night, just a day after the attacks. Dortmund clearly struggled and didn’t play anywhere near as well as they normally do.

UEFA need to realise that a team in shock can never play a Champions League quarter-final home match when they are almost expected to win, and actually play how they normally play.

Nuri Sahin said during a post-match interview, “We love football but there’s so much more going on in this world.”

“I will never forget the faces. I will never forget the faces in my life I’m sure”, he explained when describing what he saw during the attacks.

In my opinion the match should have been postponed for two weeks time, therefore having Monaco’s home leg first. This way, the Dortmund home match wouldn’t have clashed with any semi final fixtures and the next draw could have gone on with the winner of this quarter final being listed as ‘Borussia Dortmund/AS Monaco’ or a name similar to that.

Written by David Ward


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