Euro Football News Updates

It’s been a few days since I last posted anything which is a large difference to the first few days when I was pumping out post after post. I had lots of time back then and I just wanted to get content up on the website quickly so that if a post got popular, people wouldn’t just leave straight away because there’s three of four posts on the entire site. I managed to get ten or so by the time my first popular post but people still weren’t staying on my site for long.

I knew I needed to change something. Nothing was working. I’m averaging less than five views per day compared to the first few successful days where I got around thirty per day. I knew that I needed to get posts up as soon as matches finished or else I would barely gain views. But that never worked…

First of all, I have a lot of trouble with timezones. I live in Australia, where all European matches fit between 9pm and 4:30am in our time. It’s extremely difficult to get any posts up at a time that was early enough to get anywhere on search engines. I can’t pull all-nighters five times a week so posts to do with matches just never worked out.

Also, I never rank anywhere in search engines due to large news sources that always cover the first ten pages of Google searches. Search engines never gain me views so I have to resort to gaining views with other methods. Therefore I’ve started trying to post more to do with topics other than matches. Things that are still relevant, but things I can post at a realistic time for where I live. I would create a good title, stick it in the bio of my tiny Instagram account, and advertise in the comment section of other large accounts.

Of course I felt like a scab, trying to gain site views from Instagram comment sections, but there’s almost no other way of getting anywhere. Football is generally a well covered topic and with so many news sites out there, there is just no way I was ever going to rank in search engines.

So I have decided that instead of drowning in my own failure, I would work out a solution. That’s what I did and the solution is quite simple. I would focus on topics not directly related to matches and hire other writer(s) who live in Europe to focus on matches or other leagues.

So if you think you would like to write articles for this website, contact me by clicking here. If you think you would like to run a social media aaccount for us (e.g. Twitter, Instagram), click on the same link. Make sure you remain non-biased. You may write articles about certain teams that are doing well or not, but you must stick to the facts.

Written by David Ward

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