Free Agents: Who Will They Sign For?

As we edge closer and closer to the start of next season and the closing of the transfer window, there is no shortage of world-class stars on the list of free agents. We will go through who they should sign for and why.

Before we start, if you could bring one of the following free agents to your favorite club, who would it be?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (age 35)


Since confirming that he would be leaving Manchester United, Zlatan has been a free agent. Many say that he is past his peak as he is 35 years old, but he is still scoring goals and creating chance. Whilst he is starting to get old and is definitely past his peak, he still has the ability to play for a Champions League side and he has proved that during his time at United this season.

So where should he go? There are many possible top class clubs that he could sign for and one of them is AC Milan. For years, they have been forgotten about as they dropped from being one of the best in the world to finishing 6th in the Serie A. Fortunately, Milan have new owners who are putting together an exciting project that should change the face of the club and they have already been successful in the transfer market with three new signings.

Another couple of options for Ibrahimovic, possibly more for down the track, are the Chinese Super League and the MLS. Do keep in mind though, Zlatan is injured and will most likely not be back in action until January 2018. Where do you think he should go?

Pepe (age 34)


It had been known for quite a while that Pepe wouldn’t continue to play at Real Madrid, despite him wanting to stay. He wanted to stay on another two year contract, but the club only offered him a one year contract. He has been released and is now a free agent. The veteran defender has been targeted by multiple English clubs, but there could be some other options for him too.

Paris Saint-Germain have been monitoring the player for quite a while now after a disappointing season in the Ligue 1 and Champions League. Club captain Thiago Silva has been a very strong leader this season but has had some very poor performances too. There is much debate about whether or not Pepe could replace him in their lineup.

Inter Milan are also an option. After they finished 7th in the Serie A in a very disappointing season which Frank De Boer and Stefano Pioli lose their jobs, there is a lot of squad strengthening to do. After having lots of defensive problems throughout the season, Pepe could be a very useful player to the Italian club.

So, where do you think he should go?

Casillas (age 36)


The long time Real Madrid star Iker Casillas left to move to Porto in 2015 and has played there since. He is now off his contract and is without a club to play for. Like other free agents on this list, whilst he is getting old, he is still capable of playing for a strong club and this is a common thing in goalkeepers. So who should he sign for?

Liverpool are definitely an option. After an entire season of goalkeeping woes and a Champions League campaign on the horizon, Jurgen Klopp is certainly searching for a goalkeeper that he can call on for the big occasions. Casillas has proved that he is somebody who can fit that role.

In fact, the Spanish goalkeeper may have already signed a pre-contract with the club and this discussion could be over in the coming weeks. Do you think he will sign for them? If not, where will he go?

John Terry (age 36)


John Terry has played for Chelsea since 1998 and has captained the team for over ten years. He has won many trophies at the Stamford Bridge club but has unfortunately left the club. He is definitely past his peak and most likely won’t continue to play top-flight football, but he still has many options.

The Chinese Super League and MLS are fast becoming common places for older players to play after enjoying successful careers in Europe. This could definitely be an option for Terry, but there are still other options for him including staying in Europe.

He has been linked with Championship side Aston Villa, a team that was relegated in the 2015/16 season before enduring a disappointingly average season in the second division. They will be looking to fight for promotion this season and a solid new defender could be the key. Who do you think he should sign for?

[Edit] John Terry has officially signed for Aston Villa.

So, if you could sign one of these legendary players for your favorite club, who would it be and why? Answer in the comments down below.

Written by David Ward


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